You Will Get Your Money’s Worth – Or Will You?

Here’s a little humor to start your day. As Jeanne Robertson begins her story, she comments that it is important to look for humor that is around us everyday. I think that’s great advice. However, I also think there’s a great object lesson  in this video for businesses and marketers. The point being your customers and prospects often provide you with “clues” on how to reach them, how to connect with them and what will resonate with them. (Left-brain is her nickname for her husband)

I love the response from the girl at the visitor’s bureau: “You will get your money’s worth!” There’s no doubt that the bungee jumper will get their money’s worth. The problem is this couple is not the right audience.  Are you making the right offer, to the right person? The question is not just are you offering value, it’s is this valuable to who you are trying to reach? Are your customers laughing with you or at you?


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