What’s next in animation

How ‘bout I take a break in sharing some of the lessons learned on my trip, and share with you some of the cool info that Disney shared with us?

Some of the presentations that drew the longest lines were the previews Disney was giving about what’s next in animation films, live action films, the parks and resorts.

On Friday afternoon, Disney previewed 8 animation films they have in the works that will come out over the next several years. Many felt that this panel was the highlight of the day. I don’t have any pictures from this presentation because they made us seal up our phones and cameras in sealable bags. As an added precaution during the presentation, they had folks patrolling the aisles to ensure that no one was taking pictures or videoing.

There’s no way I can do this presentation the justice it deserves, so I am sharing two links that do a much better job than I can.

Keep in mind this is a room filled with adults – and they were going crazy over every trailer that was shared…and here’s proof.

What’s next in animation


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