Sometimes, we all need a little help

dont-be-afraid-to-askLast week, as I pulled in to Petsmart, I noticed small dog that appeared to be loose. As I got closer, I saw what appeared to be a mother and son trying to catch the dog and then back off. (And yes I did find that puzzling.) I carefully proceeded to pull into my parking spot. And the dog was still on the move but not so far from me. So, I called the dog my way and squatted to my knees and put my hand out in a friendly manner, so the dog in no way felt threatened. As I did, the dog immediately headed my way.  Right as I was about to get close enough to pick up the pup, I heard he voice of someone telling me to do nothing.  I replied ‘it’s okay, I have a dog and if he somehow got loose in such a busy area I would need help too.’  I wanted the guy to know that I absolutely did not mind helping. Yet, he still called me off. However, I was so close that I couldn’t just turn away. What if something happened? I was much closer to his dog than he was. We were in a very busy parking lot, close to the cross walk where there was a steady stream of cars passing. After what felt like too long, the guy and his dog were reunited.  Whew!

I have shared this story with a couple of folks, and they have all echoed what I’ve been thinking. Why wouldn’t this guy ask or help? Or at least accept the help of those of us who wanted to help him?

You know what? We all need help from time to time and we shouldn’t be afraid accept it, even embrace it:

  1. Sometimes plain and simple we just need it.
  2. It’s not a sign of weakness –  many instances it be a sign of strength.
  3. What are the consequences if we don’t ask for help?
  4. We can learn from this situation so that going forward:
    1. Is there a better way?
    2. What are the consequences if we don’t ask for help?
    3. Do we really need to do this?
    4. Are we a little mixed up?

These are just top of mind, I am confident there are many more.

So the next time you could use a little help what will you do? And the next time you see somone who could use a helping hand will you offer to help?


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