Things can change in an Instagram of a moment

I wrote this post over the weekend prior to the Boston Marathon, and I decided to hold off last week for a variety of reasons. However, as I began to think about it, I still feel it’s relevant and confirming. The events in our lives – all our lives for that matter – do happen in an Instagram of a moment. And the fact is that Instagram photos were part of the portfolio of photos that were reviewed and key in narrowing down and confirming the suspects. All of this highlighted how strongly I believe it’s important that we remember to lean in to our family and friends. In the end, I feel like it’s a blessing and we will be so glad we did!

Recently, I received the news from my veterinarian that one of my dogs, Keely, has cancer in his nasal cavity. At best, we have 3 more months together and we are already 1 month in. When the news was first shared with me, I think I went into shock. Over time, as it has begun to sink in, it’s been tough to say the least.

Keely_3 weeksKeely and I found each other a little over 10 years ago – in upstate New York – when I was living far from home. He was a rescue and was less than four weeks old; when his litter was dumped at the humane society, the word was that the pups were eight weeks old. His first weeks with me were tough for him and me.

At that time, Keely weighed 2.4 pounds. He was so tiny, and there were times when I would put him in my purse and take him places because I didn’t want to leave him alone.  In the first week, I took him to my vet to have him checked out and he identified several issues. The most concerning was exactly that – Keely was only 2.4 pounds and for his breed mix, it was quite concerning.  So, until we broke double-digit numbers, we had a weekly appointment for weighing and a once over. The day we hit 10 pounds was a big day – and a huge relief! However, the vet was still concerned and wanted to see us again in two weeks to be sure Keely’s weight continued to improve.

Over the course of the next two weeks, Keely had good days and bad. During our next visit, I’ll never forget what the vet said to me: “This is a very sick dog! And if this dog lives he will not be more than 30 pounds. Watch him closely.” Well, here we are ten years later and he has not had any health challenges…until now. And he’s closer to 90 pounds than he is to 30! Keely on the run

It has taken a little bit of time for all of this to register with me that we have some very tough days ahead of us. I received a call from puppy camp a little over a week ago that that Keely did not seem to want to participate in the second half of camp. He was okay, but just seemed really tired and acted like he’d rather just stay and hang out in his suite. However, when I arrived at camp to get him and his brother, he was fine – just very tired. When we got home, he ate all of his dinner and we had no issues. I breathed a sigh of relief, but watched him vigilantly…ok, I confess, I had him curl up on the couch next to me.

Today, I want to remind you that our lives are short – things can change in an Instagram of a moment.  An Instagram – it happens in a flash, but leaves us with a picture. And that’s the way it happens for us in our lives – things happen in an Instagram of a moment, but we carry the pictures forever in our hearts.

How about we make our act of random kindness this week for those closest to us?  What’s your Instagram going to be?


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