These Are Days

These are days – days, you’ll remember. Days you’ll look back on.

Here we go. Another year begins, and many of us look back on our 2014 resolutions – those we kept and those that we weren’t so successful keeping.

These are also the days where we find ourselves thinking about what it is we want to accomplish as we kick off this year. And like many of you, I’m still trying to decide just what that will be.

Just recently, someone shared with me how he’d been challenged last year to choose just one word. And much to his surprise he found it surprisingly successful across many areas in his life – finances, work, relationships and much more. After learning his story and how happy he was in taking the challenge, and that his plan was to choose one word again this year, I’ve decided to take the challenge myself. I’m also challenging others to join me.

When I shared this idea with my friend Melissa, she decided to join me in choosing the one word for her this year.

The word I’m choosing to focus on for 2015 is…..inspire. Inspire - Robyn-2

One of my favorite songs by 10,000 Maniacs is: These Are Days.

And as we begin this new year, these are days where I will be seeking to inspire myself and others in a variety of ways.

How ’bout you? Any chance can we inspire you to join us in this challenge? What’s your one word going to be?



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