There’s an opportunity for all of us to support Moore, Oklahoma

It’s no surprise today, that the tornado and tragedy in Moore Oklahoma is the subject of many conversations…and will be for some days to come. The devastation is far reaching, families are displaced and torn apart, children missing, massive injuries and so much worse. AND that’s just the news we’ve received so far.

This morning I have heard several people talking about Moore and finishing up their conversations with statements like:

–       I wish there was something I could do

–       I’m not sure how to help

–       There are people mobilizing I hope they will be able to help

I would like to submit there is something all of us can do…regardless of our resources or where we are located. There is an opportunity for all of us to get involved. And I believe it starts here, I am sure the list is much longer.  But here are just a few options as I see them:

–       Go, with a team or organization or on our own.

–       Give, there are many opportunities to give, regardless of where you are today. I’ve listed just a few below.

–       Pray, it only requires time and can be done from the comfort of anywhere you choose. (home, car, your office, anywhere)

–       Tell a friend how you have chosen to help and invite them to do them same.

Of course there are many other ways, it’s just these are on the top of my mind as I make this post. If you have other ideas or opportunities please share them and I am happy to update this post and share as well.

As I mentioned above here are a few options to give regardless of your resources or location.

If you are local:


Mercury One tweeted last night:

sending semi-trucks to OK & needs Generators, Blankets & Bottled Water. To contribute, e-mail

Other items I’ve seen that would be helpful:

– Bottled water
- Gatorade
- Wipes
- Diapers
- Baby formula
- Hand towels
- Individually wrapped snacks
- Work gloves


Many churches, schools, businesses and other places are offering to host those who need it.

I even saw somewhere the University is opening up student dorms.

If you have the space you will want to be approved and even registered via the Red Cross as Safe and Well


It’s important in times like these that we don’t forget our pets and the other animals in our community. In many cases families have been separated from their pets and the pets are in need of food, water and shelter.  Additionally many families have not been separated but their shelters will not allow them to bring their pets with them. Many of the organizations you would expect to offer support have. But there is only so much space available.

And whether you are local or across the country…


It’s easier to donate now than ever before and we have many options. In many cases it’s at simple a text.

You can text the Red Cross a $10 donation

The Salvation Army is accepting $10 donations as well

There are other places that are accepting donations online as well.

I’m hesitant to post links that have not been vetted. However, I will do some more research and update as I learn more.

Until we know more:

The Salvation Army Arkansas/Oklahoma

The Red Cross


Feed the Children has set up five locations in Oklahoma City to accept donations to help victims of the Moore tornado. The organization is accepting items including diapers, canned goods, non-perishable food, snack items, water and sports drinks. The organization is also supporting mobile canteens in partnership with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross.

Hope Mob

The next time you hear someone say I wish there was something I could do, here are just a few ideas. There are ways for all of us to help regardless  of our geography and even from the comfort of our own homes. Isn’t that what we do? We lean in and help each other as best we can?

If there are other needs, resources or ideas you’d like me to add please list them in the comments.

Thank you!



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