The Mother And Child Reunion…Long Overdue

I have been following closely the story of the US hikers being held in Iran. While I don’t have any intimate details, the story as I understand it is, Josh Fattal, Shane Bauer, and Sarah Shourd accidentally crossed an unmarked border into Iran, while hiking in the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan. Charges have yet to be presented against them in a court of law, yet I believe the Iranians claim espionage.  The three have been held in a Evin prison in Tehran since July of 2009.

Today, they were reunited with their mothers, who have consistently pleaded on their behalf for their release. I watched the interviews with the mothers earlier this week, as they prepared for their journey to be reunited with their children. I cannot imagine the pain and suffering the hikers, their famiies and friends have endured. However, this morning as I watched the video of their reunion it moved me deeply.  This is a terrible situation for everyone involved but it seems like today for a brief moment, there was a spot of joy for everyone.

I have said it many times, in every situation there’s a spot of goodness, sometimes it is easier to spot than others. However, for these hikers, at least for today there’s a spot of goodness.  For most of us, our situations are not as dire, yet we often struggle just as hard to find a bright spot and will gravitate toward the low spot. Today, do you think you can find a spot of goodness?


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