The best gifts are those you receive when you give your heart to others

I’ve written quite a bit over here about how the smallest act can make someone’s day. I’ve even gone so far as to challenge you to an act and even made some recommendations.

Sunday a little girl and her ‘Tiggy Wiggy’ made my day and I’m still thinking about it. Her tiny act is still something I find myself still thinking about this morning and feeling her goodness. So I thought I’d share it with you.

I serve on the guest services team at my church, North Point Community Church as an usher once a month. Yesterday was not ‘my week’ but they needed me and I was happy to help out.

IMG_2235For a variety of reasons I just needed a hug yesterday. You know those days when you feel a little fragile and an extra hug is just nice. The last several months have been tough for me. And before I got out of bed yesterday I received a message from a friend that one of our friends had passed away. For a brief moment I thought I about just staying home. Candidly, I thought about walking Rainier and then crawling back into bed and spending the day crying. Mike was super sweet and his response was I want to do whatever you want. So after a few minutes I took Rainier for his morning walk put on my guest services t-shirt and we headed out.

I had only been ‘on duty’ a few minutes when a little girl 4, her mom and a huge stuffed tiger wrapped in a blanket came down the aisle. It was cold yesterday in Atlanta and that tiger needed a ‘coat’ like she and her mom. She kicked up a conversation with me. I asked her if that was Tigger she had in her blanket and she quickly said ‘no’. She then proceeded to unwrap the tiger and share with me that she had gotten him on Saturday and she did not have a name for him yet. I said ahh I see. I asked if I could hug him and without saying a word she put her arms around me with the tiger in between us.

After our hug she said ‘my brother called him ‘Tiggy Wiggy’ this morning and I am thinking that might be his name. What do you think?’ I said: ‘I kinda like Tiggy Wiggy but it’s what you think.’ She said ‘I kinda like it too.’ My response was: it’s all your call. But if that’s what you like I say go for it.’

I then asked can I give you and Tiggy Wiggy another hug before you head off? And she threw her arms around me with Tiggy Wiggy between us and hugged me tight.’ So tight it really moved me. Her mom gave me a grin and said thank you. I thought….seriously? I wanted to say thank you! Instead I said y’all have a great week and if you find you need a seat come back and I will get you a good one!’

That tiny moment just a few minutes I find myself still thinking about this morning. That little girl and the few minutes of goodness have been such a blessing to me. It made my day yesterday and now I find myself enjoying it today. Man am I glad I decided to get out of bed and serve. If I hadn’t I would have missed that tiny moment. Who knew that little girl could serve up that kinda goodness that leaves me feeling so special 24 hours later?

I probably won’t see that little girl and Tiggy Wiggy again I still feel the need to say thank you for the goodness you extended me Sunday…you made my day!


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