Sunday Sounds: Johnny Cash

To keep with the theme from yesterday’s post, I have chosen two Johnny Cash songs/performances for your viewing and listening  pleasure this morning. On January 13, 1968 Johnny decided to playtwo performances  at Folsom Prison: 9:40am and 12:40pm and it was recorded live for an album released in May of 1968. First, I have gone with the predictable Folsom Prison Blues live from Folsom:

And next up…Greystone Stone Chapel written by inmate Glen Sherley. In 1994 Johnny told Life Magazine:

“The night before I was going to record at Folsom prison, I got to the motel and a preacher friend of mine brought me a tape of a song called “Greystone Chapel.” He said a convict had written it about the chapel at Folsom. I listened to it one time and I said, “I’ve got to do this in the show tomorrow.” So I stayed up and learned it, and the next day the preacher had him in the front row. I announced, “This song was written by Glen Sherley.” It was a terrible, terrible thing to point him out among all those cons, but I didn’t think about that then. Everybody just had a fit, screaming and carrying on.” Johnny and Glen built quite a friendship over the years, Johnny worked hard to secure Glen’s release and even put him to work.

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