Stop monkeying around

Let’s start our time together with a question. When was the last time you visited the zoo? Or how about when was the last time you thought about visiting the zoo?

In answer to both questions, on my end it’s fairly regularly. You see I have a lifelong fondness for wild animals. And most often, the zoo is the only place I have the opportunity to see them up close. (For those of my friends who are curious if I will use this as yet another opportunity to talk about giraffes or elephants again, it’s absolutely yes!)

As an Atlanta native, my parents would take my sister, brother and me several times a year to Zoo Atlanta. I think they found it as both a learning experience for us, and a little time away from being the primary entertainers for us. Additionally, growing up my kindergarten and elementary schools would make annuals visits as well.

Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been doing a little market research in relation to the zoo. And what good would market research be without an onsite visit…ok visits. Candidly while I was there it was a little hard to concentrate. At Zoo Atlanta they have three beautiful giraffes! Here’s a little video for your viewing pleasure. Giraffes Zoo Atlanta When I was in Kenya a few years ago, I was able to see a tower of giraffes and I was moved by how graceful and majestic they can be. But I digress…

I was reminded beyond my fondness for the zoo and the ability to see and experience animals from around the world, (that I might not otherwise) it’s a blessing. And there’s lots of goodness to be had:

1. Get a little exercise – with all of the time we spend indoors these days on our electronic devices. The zoo allows us a walk in wonderful surroundings. And not only is the animal watching good the people watching can be as well.

2. There is a plethora of learning experiences that are evolving weekly. There are new pregnancies, babies being born, new animals to be seen, classes, and even events.

3. Quality time with friends and family actually more than just quality time but memory making time.

4. Photo ops from selfies, to friends and families, to just the animals enjoying each other or just hanging out taking it easy. 

5. Many zoos offer up close and personal encounters with the animals from a petting zoo (it’s just for kids ya know) to wild encounters that are a little more personal. Zoo Atlanta has both!

Before you make up your mind about whether or not swing by and check out your local zoo remember every relationship whether personal or with a brand starts with getting to know each other.

Stop monkeying around and head down to your zoo. I’m not sure I or you for that matter can bear it any longer!

So how about you, are you in?


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