Robyn is a professionally trained speaker and an active participant in the speakers bureaus at Siemens and Premiere Global Services and Cliqset . Her speaking style is engaging, informative and entertaining. She can craft a presentation or workshop to meet your specific needs.

Some of the topics Robyn’s very passionate about are:

  • Building an irresistible brand
  • The art and science of building an engaging community
  • Lifestreams: The Changing Face of Online Interactions and what it means for brands today
  • Using social media to gather competitive intelligence
  • Building listening stations
  • Chasing Goodness in business, community, and relationships
  • If’s your story, what’s the message
  • Or a topic of your choosing.

Contact Robyn via the contact form or email her at speaking(AT)chasinggoodness(DOT)com


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