Something to think about before you kick off your shoes

Summer has officially begun! And for many, that means opting for sandals, flip flops and even going barefoot at times. But hey, that’s to be expected right? Many of us wait all year to slip into our sandals, show off our pedicures and generally let our feet enjoy the warmer weather.

Lately, I have noticed quite a number of folks kicking of their shoes; sandals, flip flops, and sneakers to name a few, wherever they are.  And at the risk of sounding like Anderson Cooper, I would also submit there are a few places where no one should take their shoes off…some restaurants, the library, church, post office, mall – and I’m sure there are a few others. main-foot-massage

However, if you insist on removing your foot wear, regardless of where you are, then here are a few guidelines that I would suggest…please try and refrain from the following:

  1. Proceeding to give yourself a foot massage.
  2. Putting them on the table, or the bar whether you are waiting for service, eating your meal or while waiting for the bill.
  3. Give them an extended inspection – when you left the house I’m guessing you had ten toes, and can you see that everything is still there? Do you really need to contort yourself to take a look?

Finally, if you insist on doing any of these, I would urge you to please wait until you get home or somewhere more appropriate (and there are lots of places…it is summer, after all!) How about washing your hands? Before you proceed to eat your meal, share chips and salsa with your table, shake hands with someone, hold hands or caress that someone special, or use your toothpick – please take a tip and clean up.  You will be better off for it, and I have no doubt your loved ones and tablemates will appreciate it, too!


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