Sitcom or Game Show? Your thoughts?

Sometimes I find myself wondering if I’m living some kind of television show.

Recently we discovered I needed a refill on one of my prescriptions. My doctor has said that I cannot miss a dose of this particular med, and I need to take it at the same time every day. To make this happen, I have set an alarm when it’s time to take it every day. And we are finding that this particular prescription is working – I like to say, ‘working in a big way’.

So – Mike and I took it into our pharmacy as it clearly indicated I had remaining refills, but the pharmacy told me they needed a confirmation from the doctor. What’s up with that? If the doctor called it in initially and set the number of refills, why can’t we just alert the pharmacy that according to schedule defined by the doctor, it’s time for them to refill it? The pharmacy did offer to call the doctor, refill it and text me to let me know when it’s ready. Hmmm…

So, when we came home, I called the doctor’s office, pressed 3 for refills, gave them my name and number and let them know the pharmacy wanted them to confirm I could indeed have a refill – I even left them the number of the pharmacy. (Isn’t this starting to feel like an episode of Seinfeld?) Thank heavens I didn’t wait until the last minute.  We waited two days and find that Friday afternoon has come, and we haven’t heard from either the doctor’s office or the pharmacy. We knew that as of Friday evening, I would be out of it, and didn’t want to take a chance to go through the weekend without this medicine. Things have just been going too well, and I cannot afford and just don’t want to jeopardize that.

You’ve heard me mention more than once that Mike is truly my superhero. He and I talk about it, and decide that since we had not heard from the doctor rather than wait for a call, to hop in the car right away and head up to the doctor’s office as they close early on Friday afternoon. We get Rainier all set in the ‘Yawn cave’, hop into the ‘Yawn mobile’ and began our journey – let me add, it’s not a short drive. We make it to the office just in time…whew!

As we walk in the office, the nurse immediately recognizes me. She’s a little puzzled as to why we are there. She told us that she had confirmed my refill and was just going to call me and let me know. She also confirmed that they did not want me to go the weekend without this prescription. We explain that we thought that might be the case – but that the pharmacy was still saying ‘you’re out of luck.’  So the nurse kindly offers to call the pharmacy again. She comes back and says she doesn’t know what’s going on. The pharmacist had even remembered me coming in. The nurse says the pharmacy confirms that not only will they refill my prescription but that it is indeed ready for pick up. Yay!

So Mike and I hop back into the ‘Yawn mobile’ and head straight to the pharmacy. We walk into the pharmacy feeling very confident. When we give them my name, they say they don’t have anything ready for me. What? Are you kidding me? We explain that the nurse had recently spoken to them and that they had told her to tell me it was ready for pick up. The pharmacist then says – ‘okay would you like to wait while we fill it? It could take 10-15 minutes.’ Of course we say yes. Does this seem whackadoodle to anyone else?

We then sit down with our iPads in the waiting area. As we wait, I can almost hear the music playing in the background from, you guessed it, Jeopardy!. It’s like we’ve said we’ll take my refill for 15.  Folks are coming up getting their prescriptions filled and they are saying they’ll take theirs for 5 or right now. One person even said they’ll take theirs for 20.

Geez – remember the days when all of this was a little more automated? Are we going backwards?

Finally they text me….yep you got it – they text first, and then a few minutes they later call my name. We pick up my prescription and head back to the ‘Yawn cave.’ What an afternoon! But now ready for our weekend.

Can you see what I mean? Sitcom, or game show – what do you think?


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