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A little over a month ago, I teamed up with Jenny DeVaughn and Todd Schnick to submit a panel for consideration for the 2011 SXSW Conference . All of us are really excited to let you know, that our suggestion was accepted and later today when the “polls” open our submission will be on the ballot.

While we are super excited about the prospect of being a part of a conference as important and prestigious as SXSW Interactive, we are even more excited about our submission: shining the light and promoting others…the surest way to boost your personal or corporate brand and yes…even create change. We know through our own experiences that it is absolutely possible and fulfilling  I’m planning on writing lots more about this in the coming weeks and months so you will want to check back here often.

Todd also graciously put together a list of some of topics he and I will be writing about:

1. Sharing the work of others.
2. Offering support and assistance without expecting anything in return.
3. Making referrals.
4. Serving your competition (and thus not having any)…
5. Helping solve problems in your community.
6. Connecting people joyously.
7. Using your social web presence to engage, not sell.
8. Teaching others what you’ve learned…sharing best practices.
9. Making the world a better place by using your network to share and support the good works of others.
10. Giving credit where it is due.
11. And your stories…while we have our own we would love to hear from you as well.

As soon as we know the details of how you can support us and our panel submission we will be sharing them with you. And…if you have thoughts about our submission, experiences you want to share, or even questions give us a shout on twitter, our blogs, or even in person!


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Robyn August 11, 2010 at

I was thinking the same thing Todd, thank you!


Robyn August 11, 2010 at

I’m excited too Jenny hoping we can also share a little goodness along the way!


Anonymous August 11, 2010 at

It is gonna be way fun to shine a light with the two of you!


Jenny DeVaughn August 11, 2010 at

So excited about the possibility of speaking with you and Todd at SXSW. Can’t wait to give back!


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