Rachel Beckwith: a nine year old wish that has changed the lives of 37,770 people

Rachel BeckwithThis afternoon as I began to write what I wanted to share today, I was reminded of Rachel Beckwith and that today is her birthday. And in my mind, there’s nothing I can write or share today that is as profoundly moving or encouraging. Rachel’s story is one I have followed over the last 2 years. She was a 9 year old little girl with a simple birthday wish. Rather than share how deeply I’ve been moved by Rachel and her storyt he video below shares her story and how powerful one little girl’s birthday wish can literally change lives. The video is only 5 minutes….we all have minutes spare right?

Rachel’s story doesn’t end there it continues even today. Here’s an update from her mom  Smanantha.

Rachel’s story is profoundly moving, and her pure goodness is blessing people around the world. Her story is also encouraging, none of us are too young or too old to make a difference! Rachel wasn’t afraid to ask for a little help and look at the number of people she’s been able to help.

If you want to participate in Rachel’s wish you can learn more here:  http://my.charitywater.org/rachelswishforwater


(image courtesy of charity water)


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