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Dear_Deb_.coverWhen I wrote my review of Dear Deb, I mentioned that I would share more beyond my review. I promised to dig deeper into how it had moved me – this powerful true story of a friend in need and a friend responding to that need. As I began to work on my post, I received the email for Blog Action Day with an invitation to participate again – and this year’s topic: Power of We. And in that moment I knew – that’s it! Dear Deb is an incredible, real example beyond the pages of this beautiful book and it’s story, and continues even today. And without further ado, I jumped at the chance to participate and share my encouragement for you to think about the Power of We. Dear Deb truly is a story of the Power of We, and not just between two people, but a ‘we’ that spans the globe and continues even today.

Before we kick this off, indulge me and let me share just a bit about the author, Margaret Terry. She has to be one of the most courageous people I know. You see, this book is a collection some of the letters she sent to a friend as a means of encouragement. In no way, shape, or form did she set out to write a book. And, that is evidenced by the secrets, very intimate details of her heart that shares In relation to her own life…and it seems nothing is off limits. We all would be incredibly blessed to have a friend like her.Margaret Terry

The Power Of We…and I might add you are now part of this We…welcome!

So…let’s get this party started, shall we?

This simple and moving story of WE here is the power of sharing. There are no requirements or resources needed. You only need someone to encourage, right? And – ta dah! – you are a WE.

– The story begins with one friend sharing with her inner circle that she has terminal cancer. Rather than be discouraged, she shares that she believes in a miracle and would like her friends to share in that belief as well. And her request, you ask? Just one thing – encourage her. And in her request, she doesn’t offer any conditions or expectations…’just encourage me.’

– Terry responds to this simple request by writing letters, sharing her life stories and even secrets. All of the stories are so much more than just quotes, or platitudes that have been told a million times – but encouragement from her heart to Deb’s.

– Deb is moved and encouraged by the letters and, with permission, begins to share them, and others in response share them as well. It really becomes what I like to refer to as the circle of encouragement.

– In response to the letters, people Deb doesn’t know begin to share their encouragement as well. Letters came from as far as South Africa.

–  And in response to Deb’s request, Terry shares a sliver of these letters with us as a way of encouragement from her heart and Deb’s heart to us.

– In my response to this beautiful story, I find myself writing this post as a form of encouragement and even a bit of a challenge.

The Power of WE begins in this story and ends as a simple response to a simple request: encourage me. It’s so simple and so powerful – and the beauty of encouragement is:

– There’s no money needed – it’s free

– There’s no age limit

– There’s no need to search out someone – there are people right in your community, even your family.

– There are no boundaries

Do I really need to continue this list?

And…in writing this book, and in sharing her personal stories and even her heart. Terry steps outside her comfort zone and goes beyond just encouraging Deb; she encourages us. My challenge to you is:  how will you respond? Who in your world could use even just a little encouragement?




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