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“An act of goodness is of itself an act of happiness. No reward coming after the event can compare with the sweet reward that went with it.”
Maurice Maeterlinck

For quite some time now, I have wanted to launch a section on my blog to allow you the reader (and me on occasions) to shine a light on people, brands, causes, and stories that we believe really deserve it. I see this as an opportunity to inspire others and just share our stories of goodness. Since I launched this blog, I have been exploring ways to make this happen. While exploring options and ideas about how to make this happen, I have connected with some great people and been inspired by some incredible ideas. And even more importantly, heard great and inspiring stories, some that tug at your heartstrings, some that make you smile, even some that made me think I need to do that, while others were just a simple reminder that acts of goodness are alive and well today.

In listening to these stories, I could not help but think how great it would be to have a outlet to share these stories so that others might be inspired or just enjoy a story of simple goodness.

Over the last several months several themes have come through:

1. People want to shine a light for a variety of reasons but the one thing everyone has in common is the desire to shine a light. They are not always sure of the how and sometimes hesitant and all they need is a little nudge or encouragement.
2. Commenting on or writing a blog post does not work for everyone.
3. Stories and acts of goodness are contagious and good for everyone.
4. Many times people want to shine a light but remain anonymous themselves.
5. Sally Markham is right I need to make it easy and create a dedicated area to collect and share our stories.

So today on my blog, I’m extending my Shine A Light project and will be creating a dedicated area to share our stories of goodness, shine a light on a brand, person, cause…whatever it is that we deem an act of goodness. I’ll accept stories, pictures, brief descriptions, even videos, even blog posts. As the stories come in to me, I will share them here either through mentions, dedicated posts, pictures, videos and the likes. And if you just want to share your story with me and not post it here, that will work as well.

The process is super simple you can either fill out the form below or send an email to: tell me who or what you want to shine a light on, why you want to shine the light and how (picture, video, ask to guest post here, and any other creative ideas you may have).  After you submit your story, then check back here to see it posted! Share your story today – it could be just the inspiration or nudge someone else needs!


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