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Today’s a day I’ve candidly been dreading. But more than dreading this day, I’ve been struggling with what it represents for me. On this day, one year ago, I lost my dog Keely. We’d been together 10+ years. We found each other when I was living in Binghamton, New York. While many viewed him as a rescue, I always saw him as a rescuer! While it’s now officially been a year, I still miss him – so much. And sometimes I will find myself feeling a little down, and based on some feedback from my awesome vet, so does my other sweet pup Rainier. Don’t worry – this isn’t going to be a post where I walk down memory lane. I’ve written about Keely a couple of times and you can find those posts here. Here’s the reason for my post today. I’d like to make this a day to remember beyond the anniversary of the day I lost Keely. Over the last year, I’ve really felt strongly, that I’d like to use this day to encourage people, including me, to do something special. I am convinced that this will create goodness, positively impact many folks, and further, it will truly enhance what this day means to me. So here’s what I’m thinking: how about we make the conscious decision to do one – just one – random act of kindness before the week is over? The great thing about a random act of kindness is that, regardless of our budget, there’s always an opportunity to do something nice for someone. As I chatted with a couple of friends about this post, they were quick to say that this is a good idea – but asked me to realize/recognize that not many folks have an opportunity to do a random act of kindness in their day. Well, I would submit that is simply not true! That said, I’d like to offer up some small acts/ideas for you to consider:

  • – Open a door for someone
  • – Let someone in in traffic
  • – Stop for someone in a crosswalk
  • – Put our grocery cart back inside the store, or at least in the cart return area
  • – Write a kind note on your bill at a restaurant, or even a little extra in your tip.
  • – Offer simple thank you or kind word as you are checking out somewhere
  • – Send a simple text, email or phone call to let someone know they are on your mind

And here are some other suggestions for your consideration: The opportunities are endless and inside your budget. Are you willing to take just few extra minutes this week to do just one thing for someone else? Sometimes our smallest acts can have quite an impact. Are you up for the challenge? Will you let me what you decide to do?  It might encourage someone else!


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Sharon June 6, 2014 at

So from now on when it is “Keely Day” we do an act of kindness. I like it! Thanks for giving us the week to get it done. You are right, we can all do something. One of my most memorable was when I had the opportunity to pay for the “car behind me” at Chick-Fil-A. We can only imagine how they smiled and how it may have affected their day. I’ve never been on the receiving end of that, but this week I plan to be on the giving end again, unless the Lord leads otherwise. And your Keely is making a difference even now! Thanks for the great post!
Sharon at


Robyn June 7, 2014 at

Sharon, thank you so much for coming over and for your sweet comment!
I hope that you will be led for an act of kindness….and I hope you will be blessed by it.
Thank you again!


Helen Holloway May 5, 2014 at

Always up for a challenge of this nature. 🙂


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