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This week on Chasing Goodness, I’m focusing on creating irresistible environments. I appreciate the comments and the emails of your stories of how you have been delighted by brands. For those of you who sent me emails, they are all great stories, I’d ask you to consider sharing them with the rest of the community here.

Most…if not all of the stories I have received have been in the B2C category. This morning, I thought I would share with you an experience I had on the B2B side:

A couple of years ago, when I was working for a communications provider, I was responsible for market intelligence and strategy globally. When I was moved into the role I inherited several vendors, one of them Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). I had worked with D&B previously in my career and it had been a challenge. Out of the gate, my core D&B  team sought to get to know me, our business challenges and help me get the most out of their Market Insight tool (MI). Over the years,  D&B rotated people on and off the team, however, two core members remained constant: Kristen Dooley and Crista O’Keefe Brandt. The two of them together worked hard to learn our business and then sought out ways to add value to me, my team and our company.  As we started to push the boundaries of the MI tool, they eventually connected me with their VP of Product Management, Mike Sabin who really sought to understand what my team was trying to accomplish with the MI tool and found creative ways to help us achieve our goals. Mike was always  open to all feedback good and bad. I’m not sure I have ever met anyone on the product side that open and willing to truly understand the challenges of their customers. At one point, I attended a workshop where many of their MI customers were invited to come share ideas and challenges etc. At times, the conversations became heated and Mike graciously listened intently, took action items, and then followed up with on the progress. That particular day still stands out for me because of his humble spirit and willingness to listen to each person at the event and understand their individual needs and challenges.

We were able to accomplish great things with the D&B partnership, things we would not have otherwise. I’m thankful for the goodness Crista and Kristen delivered consistently, whether by connecting me with the right resources inside D&B, and sometimes other customers. And while building our partnership had its ups and downs, in the end what we built was  good for everyone personally and professionally. And the next time I have the opportunity to partner with D&B on anything I will embrace it!

“If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail”
Winston Churchill

Now it’s your turn, do you have any B2B stories of goodness?


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