More Than A Bucket List – A Story Unfolding

Over the last couple of years, I’ve lost some people who were very dear to me. In each instance the loss affected me deeply and I still miss these people. However, in each case, I find myself thinking about how I am living my life. Am I living with purpose? Or is my life living me?

Recently my dear friend, Todd Schnick, posted his bucket list and we traded some brief remarks over it. I really loved that he was willing to be so transparent and that in posting his list, it creates some unwritten accountability. I also appreciated that he had the courage to post the list-because it allows not just me, but all of his readers to know some of his goals – and gives us insight into how we can encourage and support him. And hey…isn’t that what community is all about?

I committed to Todd to post my list and have been carefully thinking about how and when to post mine since we talked about it. However, as a blogger and a writer, I’m not so big on lists. I’m not sure lists are all that interesting- it’s really the stories that capture our interests. And after reading Donald Miller’s: A Million Miles In A Thousand Years: What I Learned While Editing  My Life (affiliate link) I’m not so focused on lists but more the story my life is writing. I cannot say enough about Donald’s book – it is one of those books that I highly recommend.  I think it was my friend Chris Brogan who said: “Quite simply: it’s the type of book that can help you change your life, if you’re willing to do the work.” The premise of the book is that story is a critical part of your life, and you can edit your life just like you would a book. It’s a concept I love and fully embrace and have written about often. And I’ve now adopted this approach in my life and am finding it’s really changing my filter on how I view everything.

In thinking about my bucket list, I was thinking about the stories that go along with each item – the why, the how and the wow that go along with each experience. And as I started to put my list to paper I realized how each item has, is, or will change my life. And in the case of the items I have accomplished…how much goodness there is and how these items have truly shaped my life and me.

You see, your story is not where you start but where you take it. In posting my bucket list, I feel like I am sharing more than just a list- but the introductions to new chapters in the story of my life.. I try to start each chapter open minded and excited about how the journey will unfold. I try not to set too many expectations – that way I’m almost always never disappointed. And in every instance, I find things rarely unfold like I thought they would…and that is always a good thing.

So…I’ve posted my list here; remember it is constantly changing and evolving. I think I am also going to go back and write about some of the items I have been so fortunate to experience and how they have unfolded and in many cases changed or shaped me.  Just this past weekend I was able to mark off several items and I will be writing about that very soon.


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