May the Circles Be Unbroken…

I am a strong believer we were meant to live in community. At my church, it’s a key component of our fellowship and heard often: ”our life is meant to be lived in circles not rows.” And I absolutely agree.

I had the privilege and real joy of growing up in community. And I would submit that, via social media, many of us are still connected even today. There are some folks that I have known since kindergarten, and some of us did elementary through high school together, and we are still connected today. While we didn’t live in the same neighborhoods, we built friendships that keep us connected – and by connected; I don’t mean a ‘like’ here or there. These are people who reach out to check on me if I go too long without a blog post or even a Facebook post – people who make me feel like they truly care about me and what’s really going on in my world. Even today, we have reunions every few years with our community, and I say community because it’s not just people who attended my high school or elementary school, but from all of the schools in our town. Some of us knew each other because of community sports, church, youth groups, going to the mall, through our siblings and their activities, or even other relatives – uncles, aunts, cousins – from the community.

While I enjoyed those days back then, today I find those days and these days precious and a blessing. I met the love of my life at one of our community reunions. Even though we went to the same high school, he was a couple of years older than me and our paths didn’t cross. I am blessed because he crossed paths with one of my dearest friends and others I have remained close with all of these years. You know I could reach out to some of the folks in my circles right now and ask for help with anything – whether it was for some fun or a real need – and they would move anything to help me.

While we don’t live in a community that is even close to the kind we grew up in, we have built friendships. Some folks we know via our neighborhood, others through restaurants we frequent, church, family, and other shops and places. I’m blessed and happy that we still find ourselves in circles. And I do agree that North Point is right: life is better in circles, not rows. I know this first hand because I have had to relocate for my job, and until I built circles in my communities, things just weren’t as much fun. As a matter of fact, some of the friendships I built in these places I still have today.

So here’s my question for you…are you living your life in circles or rows? Take it from someone who knows – it’s so much more of a blessing and even fun in circles! Stay tuned here for more stories of how community and circles have blessed me, and made such a difference in my life.

And to all of you in my circles, thank you – you make my life complete and a blessing!


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