Kenya Dig it: Who needs help?

Today’s a big day for me… (drumroll please) I have officially moved my wordpress blog to my own domain. I’ve been theatening to go live for about a week now. Everytime I am about to pull the trigger, something happens. One of the things that’s been keeping me from going live is figuring out how to get the picture of the elephants in my header in my wordpress blog, in the header over here. I know it sounds like a small thing to you but it’s huge to me. (And I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m still working on that). So, I’m inserting them here.

imgp1931.jpgThose elephants mean a lot to me because they remind me of my trip to Kenya last summer and my desire to return. I learned many lessons in my short time in Kenya related to community. I often say it’s the trip that keeps on giving.

What you are about to watch is video I was able to capture as we were stopped for lunch. You see, we are stopped by the side of the road taking a break, on the road from Amboseli National Park to Nairobi and its treacherous road. While stopped for lunch, up over the hill coming towards us are some Masaii shepherds  moving their cattle.  The Maasai live a very primitive life and it centers around their cattle. Cattle are a primary source of food and a symbol of wealth for them.

The video doesn’t do this moment justice. So what’s my point? For a very brief moment we took our eye off the shepherd, and missed that he needed assistance. We took for granted that he knew that a bottle of water has a plastic wrap and it has to be removed before he could open it. We were caught up in the moment not noticing that someone in arms length needed just a little assistance. The good news is that we looked back, and saw he needed assistance and were able to help.

So my question to you today is have you taken your eye off your community? Is there someone in arms length that you could help?


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Beth Mulhern September 7, 2009 at

The video really hits home to me – what a powerful message! It is so important to really listen and pay close attention to those we mean to serve. Very powerful – and I love the elephant pics (as you know!).


Robyn September 5, 2009 at

I totally agree, thanks so much!


Todd Schnick September 3, 2009 at

There are always people to help and serve. You just gotta be looking for them… And it doesn’t take much to make a big impact… New design looks great, btw!


Gwen Cobb September 3, 2009 at

I am glad you made it too. Looks Great!!!! Happy Birthday.


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