It is well…With my soul

It’s official – I’m beginning a new year. Before I go any further, I want to say thank you to all of you for thinking of me. Please know that I am grateful for every single Facebook, text, and Twitter birthday wish.

I was all set on what to write about today but I had an experience Sunday that I hope will get you thinking, as it did me, and maybe help you find a blessing in your world.

Sometimes we don’t realize, or we just forget, how the smallest things can have the greatest impact. Sometimes a blessing can present itself in just three simple words. Take a second to check out these phrases, and think about that…
I love you!
I miss you!
Happy Birthday [insert your name]
Thank you [insert your name]
How are you?
Stay the course!
Don’t give up!
You got this!
We got this!
…and I’m sure there are so many more.

Sunday at North Point, someone who has become very dear to us – a retired doctor, (former neurologist) and one of the first of folks I spoke to about my health a little over a year ago – went out of his way to come and check on me. Don’t get me wrong; we speak every week. But he made it a point to come over and ask: “How’s your health?” I responded hesitantly. He then asked if I’d changed doctors as he’d suggested. I said yes, and shared a little how things are changing in my treatment. His response was “great!”

He then continued with:
“Things can’t get better Robyn without change. Just hang in there…stay the course! That’s what I used to tell folks all the time. You got this!” His tone and how he reached out just moved me.

Then in the opening songs, we sang an updated version of “It is well with my soul.”

I have to admit – I already felt a little emotional for a variety of reasons, but mostly because it was 9/11 a day I will never forget. But then, as the service was over he gave me a look, a thumb’s up, and mouthed “You got this” again as he and his wife slipped out early.

You know, he’s right – things can’t get better without change. I am on a new course, and I am going to rejoice in that as I begin my new year. And you know, those words of Horatio Spafford ring so true: More importantly than my health, and regardless of everything, I’m happy to share “It is well with my soul!” as my new year begins!


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