I crack myself up…literally

The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.

e.e. cummings

Over the course of this week, I have become keenly aware of just how much I find myself laughing.  Why, do you ask? Why in the heck would I keep count?

Well I’m not counting.  It has become hard to miss. You see, I took a terrible tumble on Saturday and cracked – aka fractured – a rib. So every move I make is painful  – sitting down, standing up, just taking a breath at times– and yes, laughing.

I find myself strategically planning every move I make, almost as if I were head of security at the Olympics – and yes, I have even misplaced my keys a time or two. Many of my friends are paying the price as well. Almost in every conversation, I am begging them not to make me laugh just as I begin to giggle. One friend in particular I just can’t even bear to engage in a conversation this week – he is hilarious even when he is not trying. I’m very fortunate to have several friends who are quite a hoot…. or at least I find them to be hoot! Sometimes I laugh when it is not their intention to make me laugh…or is it?

I’ve also noted that I find myself giggling quite a bit, even when I’m on my on. An earlier conversation sometimes comes to mind that makes me giggle the next day, or even much later. I’m also discovering that as I go through my daily life, there are lots of reasons and incidents that crack me up. Here are a few examples – and this list is not even exhaustive:

  • So far, this is definitely my recent favorite: this guy comes out of puppy camp as I am going in to pick up Keely and Rainier. He looks, stops, and checks both ways as if to make sure everyone is watching. And then begins his I’m pretty hot strut. About two, maybe three steps in, his 15lb dog makes a small tug on the leash and almost pulls him over. Of course, he quickly looks both ways hoping no one saw him, because he is quite embarrassed (that cracked me up and I had to fight the urge to say ‘I’m about to pick up my two dogs, each at least 100lbs – if you can hang tight, I will show you how it’s done’).
  • Or how about when I found myself hunting for my phone, only to realize it was not lost, but I was talking on it (maybe I should not be multi-tasking).
  • It amazes and amuses me that every day my mailman cannot seem to shut my mailbox after putting the mail inside. And as best I can tell, mine is the only one that causes him difficulty. Is it really that big a challenge? Does he have a limit to the number of mailboxes he can close and, as he gets to mine, he’s met his quota? Or is it that, when he gets to my mailbox, he can’t recall how to close it?
  • I’ve also discovered that I crack myself up whether I’m planning a prank, watching the Olympics, or laughing at myself this week.

I could go on and on – but you get the idea. In spite of my ‘cracked’ rib it has in no way, shape or form kept me from ‘cracking’ up!  There’s still goodness, and I’ve become even more cognizant and grateful that it has not robbed me of enjoying the week. These days have not been wasted – there’s been lots of laughter every day…e.e. cummings would be pleased…as am I!



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