How long is that line in the drive-thru?

A few months ago I pulled into a Chick Fil A with a friend for lunch at the noon hour. Although this location is equipped with a dual-lane drive thru, the line was extraordinarily long. However, we were engaged in conversation and the long line wasn’t an issue for us.

After quite a long wait, we finally reached our turn at the speaker- box. The person on the other end kindly took our order, confirmed they had our order right and then asked for our name.

Even after leaving the speaker-box there was a bit of a wait. As we inched our way toward the pick up window we were greeted by one of the CFA employees. She greeted us, to our pleasant surprise, with her own kinda “ditty”. She asked our name, confirmed our order, gave us our total and then offered us the option to pay there via her mobile system. So, we decided to take her up on her offer. She processed our payment, let us know that our order would be waiting for us at the window, and thanked us for stopping by that day – and she kept going without missing a beat. We pulled up to the pick up window and our order was ready and waiting for us. And then we were off – yes, off knowing that we would definitely be stopping back by there soon!

After that day, we referred to it as “the Chick Fil A where we saw the singing and dancing girl.” We stopped by several times before we saw her again. She’d made quite an impression on me, and I really wanted to see this artist in action again. It took us a few visits, and a few times before we caught her in song, but happily, we did!

Since that day my friend and I have eaten there several times – mostly at breakfast. And a few times, we’ve come in to find her working at the cash register and taking orders, sharing her joy with her own little ditty for the folks in line as well.

Now this is only the beginning….check back soon as I will be sharing what’s happened on my most recent visits to this CFA.


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