Can you hear me now? How ’bout now?

Rainier & KeelyIt’s a few minutes before 7am at my house and my two dogs Keely and Rainier are barreling through the back door and making a beeline to the front window. You see every morning about 7 a family of bunnies usually make an appearance in my front yard. And every morning Keely and Rainier are there to greet them. They bark, they scratch at the window, they race into the kitchen to make sure I know the bunnies are here. This is a very exciting time at my house as they are sure that today is the day they will connect with those bunnies. They bark and bark and bark and when that doesn’t work they bark a little louder. I am amazed at their determination and excitement day after day.

It dawned on me yesterday that Keely and Rainier are a great example of how so many companies are marketing their products and services today. They don’t have any idea of the best way to reach their “bunnies” and so they do the best they can every day. Their message is consistent but it doesn’t resonate with their target audience.

I know in times like this that budgets are tight but knowing your audience is priceless.  Additionally social media outlets help brands move from broadcast to 1:1. But Social Media is more than a messaging tool – it’s also a powerful listening tool. So as you think about creative ways to reach your target audience these days have you considered listening? If not give it a try, you might be surprised at the results.


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Beth Mulhern June 14, 2009 at

Listening is so important – both in our personal and professional lives. If we don’t listen closely and carefully, we miss the mark and can lose sales, and more importantly lose the confidence of those who are talking to us.


Dave Richmond June 11, 2009 at

Great point. So many of us has become so focused on the sale, that we do forget to listen. We utilize data to perform high level segmentation, yet on a 1:1 level, most of us haven’t any idea of what our customers are really saying or wanting.


D. June 11, 2009 at

What a great analogy! My company needs to hear that point of view….we keep going down the same “rabbit hole” and expecting different results.


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