Focus, Purpose, Clarity, and Goodness

Over the last year my good friend Sally has been after me to focus all of my writings around a theme. We’ve spent countless hours talking about it and she has been an incredible source of encouragement. Over the last month, I’ve been inspired to write about several topics and I have struggled to fit them into my portfolios. And sadly, I never posted them. Recently, I read the book by Don Miller: A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and it inspired me to do a better job with my own story and to take more chances in my writing.

In mid April, Chris Brogan wrote a post: What is the focus and purpose of your blog? that completely disrupted an entire weekend. I saw it in my google reader right before I went to bed, and while I didn’t read the post that evening, the title created quite a bit of internal dissonance. Earlier in that week, my business coach had informed me that it is imperative that I keep Project Authenticity about the mission and my other writings would need to continue on my other blog. That was a big blow to me as we’d just moved all my media to PA. So Chris’ post was quite timely, and for me thought provoking.  Of course, the next morning I read the post right away and the wheels started turning. What is the focus and purpose of my blog? And while each post, guest post or ghost post I write has a purpose, I want more, I need a  way to tie it all together.

And if that post wasn’t enough to set the wheels turning. Later that afternoon, Jeff Turner, someone I admire greatly, tweeted:

Finding Focus And Purpose: Simplify. Explain. Repeat ( cc: @susieblackmon & @chrisbrogan )

I immediately clicked on the link, and discovered Chris’ post was timely and a little disruptive for him as well. Jeff’s post, beautifully written, caused me to further delve into what is the focus and purpose of my blogging and all of my writings. I have been trying to settle on a theme for quite some time now.

I found myself  inspired and challenged by both Chris’ and Jeff’s post in two ways:

  • I need to simplify the message and story of Project Authenticity to make it easier to understand and memorable.
  • What am I doing with all of my writings, how are they moving me toward my larger goal?

The timing of these two posts sent me on a journey of sorts, a journey to define a central theme, that’s simple and clear and easy to tell people what I write about most. Now layer into all of this, the introspection from  reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, and suffice it to say the last two weeks have been creatively some of the best I’ve had in the last year, maybe even longer.

So, as you can see, I’ve landed on a theme, a theme I think is simple and easy to understand, something I know I can write about with greater frequency, extreme passion and it’s broad enough that I know I won’t ever run out of things to write about. In an upcoming post I’ll share the story of how I landed on this theme and name.

I’ve observed that people will chase just about anything these days: money, happiness, people, fame, animals, and the list goes on. However, I have never heard someone say I’m chasing goodness. Why don’t we chase goodness? Do we even notice when it comes our way? Do you see it in business, your relationships, or the places you go?

I assure you it’s there every day. On our very best days, it finds us and envelopes us like a wave and we hope the moment never ends. Other days, it may feel like we are in a maze, wondering around which turn or twist in our day will bring us closer to finding it. And most days, goodness will come for short brief visits and we are too busy, or too critical to drink it in and enjoy it.

As we start this journey, take a minute and think about it…. When was the last time you experienced a little goodness in your day?


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