Meet Robyn

Robyn Cobb, a marketing visionary with more than 15 years experience, is a proven leader in personal and professional branding, marketing strategy and the visioneering of creative marketing strategies and programs to deliver immediate results. Robyn is an avid proponent of social media, she believes that new media and social networks are a critical element to developing irresistible brands, engaging with community, and building online relationships.

Robyn has extensive experience in technology marketing, gaining expertise in such areas as optoelectronics, electronic assembly, advanced semiconductor technology, healthcare and communication technologies. She has served in high level marketing roles for such organizations as Siemens, Universal Instruments, and Premiere Global Services. Most recently she’s been working with startups such as Cliqset to craft their digital strategy and build an engaging community. Throughout her career she has delved deeply into the intricacies of branding, and has become very passionate about the importance of engagement, community and relationship building, particularly in terms of marketing strategies and brand development.

Beyond my professional bio…

The text above is all about my career but do you really get a sense of the real me? I’m not sure you do so here’s a little more and what I refer to as the good stuff:

The best title I’ve ever received is Aunt. I have four nephews and a niece that I’m absolutely crazy about. Family and friends mean everything to me. I have two large dogs who provide lots of love, entertainment and adventure. I’m totally outraged that it’s next to impossible to find sour Twizzlers anymore. I believe that a little goodness can powerfully impact change  in a community, whether online or on the ground, I’m serious about building community here, I hope we will be exchanging stories and journeying together. If you read something here you like or don’t like or you want me to write about a topic don’t be afraid to ping me, let’s talk about it.  Most importantly, I wish you lots of goodness.


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