Disney Legends, Julie Taymor

I’m sorry I couldn’t get anything up yesterday, we started at 8am and went straight through until a little after 8pm. I’m still finding myself on Atlanta time so I was wiped. Also, we are spending much more time standing in lines than I thought we would. So my new plan is to write what I can during our time here and then follow up with some of my special moments with posts after the show. I am keeping a journal with moments I think you will find interesting too.

Yesterday was an interesting day. We went to what is referred to as the Disney legends presentation. It is where they honor a group of folks every few years that Disney feels has made significant contributions to them and their mission.

One of the folks they chose to honor this year is Julie Taymor for all of her work on The Lion King. She is a very special woman with a very special heart. She had me in tears at the end of her speech and so excited to see her honored. I was so moved when they shared a preview of what is next in The Lion King series.


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