Deep Breath

Ok…here it is.

Ahhh. this is a tough post to write but one I truly feel called to write and share.

Over the last few years, I’ve had some real challenges with my health, challenges I was not prepared for. Candidly, these issues have made things a real challenge for the people closest to me, for a variety of reasons. That doesn’t just include the tribe of folks who’ve chosen to stand with me, but even my pup Rainier. Often, I’ve found myself feeling more like a problem to be solved than someone to love – not because of any reactions I’ve received, but because of the extra support I’ve needed and worry I’ve caused.

Recently I read a phrase that ‘stories are data with a soul.’ And that’s what I’m hoping to do over the next weeks and months – I’ll share with you more than just what the doctors have said, but what is going on inside me as well.

This will not be easy for me, as I have felt like a problem, and ashamed and embarrassed all of this time. I want to assure you I am not looking for any pity; my hope is that by being transparent and sharing some of my soul, there will be some kind of goodness that can come from this…truly.

So….that said – again deep breath.


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