D23 Live Action panel drew quite a crowd this year

The presentation that draws the largest audience during the week of D23 is the Live Action panel. I had lots of people ask me – and folks are still asking me – when I’m going to share what I learned during this presentation. Naturally, folks are really intrigued as during this panel, the Disney tribe shares what’s up next on the Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm live action movie front. This was another of the panels where we were required to put our phones in re-sealable bags, and ushers walked the aisles to ensure that folks were following the rules.

This year there were people who were in line at least 24 hours in advance. And I’ve been told that, if you weren’t in line by 3:30am on the day of the presentation, you did not get a seat in the auditorium (the presentation started at 10:30am). Thank heavens we had Sorcerer tickets! Now, while we were guaranteed a seat in the Sorcerer section, we still needed to get in line about an hour or so ahead of time to ensure we got one of the better seats in our section. I found it interesting that Robin Lopez of the Chicago Bulls sat in the row right behind us. Since he is over 7’ tall, it’s a good thing he was behind us! Also, I might point out that he was in full costume; some said he was Peter Pan, and others said Robin Hood. I’m not going to weigh in here, but what I can say is that he was dressed from head to toe as one of them. The tallest one of them I’ve ever seen!

Here’s a link to what was shared with us.


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