D23 Expo…the weekend begins

So here it is July 13th and I find myself waiting in line for the doors of the D23 Expo 2017 ‘The Ultimate Disney Fan Event’ to begin. It happens every two years. I was fortunate to attend in 2015 and I found it, much to my surprise very inspiring and even moving. I am thinking it might be fun to blog about and share with you my highlights as time permits this week. And then of course follow up with a post or two after I return home.

Last time not only did I get to hear Marty Sklar speak, but I also got a little up close and personal time with his as well. His presentation moved me so much that by the time the event was over I had also finished his book.

I’m going to warn you up front, I probably won’t get to do all of the editing I usually do but I will do my very best. I hope you will choose to join me in this journey. When I came last time I was not a big Disney fan. And while today, I might not be as big in to the rides as many are, I am a fan of their ‘imagineering’ and all the detail they put into things. I’m also a fan of all the goodness they work so hard to bring bring unto the world today!


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Beth Mulhern July 13, 2017 at

It sounds like a wonderful experience yet again – really excited to follow this as you share your journey. What a great event! Much love ❤️ to you and Mike


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