Christophe Le Metayer: From his kitchen to yours

A little over a week ago I had the unique privilege of stepping into the kitchen of true brilliance in action. Chef Christophe Le Metayer extended to me what I am referring to as an all-access pass into his kitchen. And for me, it was an intriguing and wonderful experience. Chef Le Metayer, is the owner and chief chef at Christophe’s Kitchen in Alpharetta, Ga. where he and his team cook and package tasty, healthy meals to entice and indulge anyone.

Chef Christophe has quite an impressive resume; from owning his own restaurant in France, to the Ritz Carlton, to earning several awards and so much more! However, upon meeting him, you would never guess this; he has a quiet and humble spirit.  And over the last several weeks, I have come to know him as a visionary, photographer and friend.

My day in Chef Christophe’s kitchen was filled with inspiration, tastings and even lunch. I also found the day to be educational. You will not find lots of preservatives, additives and things of that sort in his kitchen. There’s a sense of science and knowing just what to use for every dish, and precisely how long to cook it. Chef Christophe can also tell you not only about nutritional value, but how to combine foods with other foods to get a specific taste, and even the origins of what he’s masterfully putting together. His approach and philosophy to his meals are pure, simple and, if you ask me, fantastic.

On the day of my visit, Chef Christophe and his staff were preparing over 200 meals. It truly was like watching brilliance and grace in action 015-3(something I don’t get to see that often). Aside from the 200 meals, I was introduced to several tastes and combinations of tastes that I might not have tried in any other setting.


Black Cherry Sauce

One of the sauces I had the pleasure of tasting is his famous Black Cherry sauce. And candidly, I am not sure I can truly explain just how exquisitely rich this sauce is. There’s a sense of depth to it: it’s just the right combination of sweet and sour, it’s not too thick or thin. In short, I don’t think there’s anything you couldn’t pair with it. I can’t stop thinking about it, and it’s been almost a month!  I can barely wait until the next time it is on the menu.

So…the good news is that you can be your own judge and taste for yourself how divine everything is.  Chef Christophe’s mission, as he would put it is: from his kitchen to your table. And his reach/delivery area goes far beyond the suburbs of Alpharetta.

I encourage you – don’t take my word, subscribe to his weekly menu to see what’s cookin and try it for yourself!

 See Chef Christophe in action

Visit his blog 

(all photos are courtesy of and taken by Chef Christophe Le Metayer)


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