But didn’t I ask you to take me off of your list?

Over the course of the last couple of years, I have received so many telemarketing calls – and over a variety of things.

The majority of these calls I’ve let go to voicemail, and of course they didn’t leave a message. But in a few instances…a few too many… I’ve answered. The numbers have been close to numbers I know or that I feel like I should know. For instance, yesterday the number that came through was an Alpharetta number, and close to that of a couple of places I know. So, I answered…big mistake.  (It’s interesting that, every time these calls come through, they are not from the same number). 

Last week when I answered one of the calls and said “hello”, the caller on the other end asked me if I was pleased with my home security. I’d received a call just like this a couple of weeks ago. So I kindly reminded them that I’d asked them to take me off of their list the last time they called. At that point, the person on the other end hung up on me. However, as they’ve proven, they are not going to take me off their list. So rather than just hang up on me, couldn’t he have been a little kinder? How about just a simple good-bye, or thank you, or “how about until next week when we will call again with another caller id that will make you think you should answer our call”?


Yesterday I received a call and the girl on the other end asked me if I am happy with my healthcare. I quickly responded with:

“I’ve asked you several times to take me off of your list.”

And she responded:

“I’m just calling to see if you your healthcare is affordable.”

Once again I asked her to stop calling me and to put me on her do not call list.

Instead of hanging up on me, she responded as if she was irritated by my response. Seriously – she’s irritated? Let’s talk about irritated! If she’s so irritated with my response, than maybe she should reach out to someone else who’s asked to be taken off their list!

And it continued – she was then quick to let me know, and I quote: “all I am trying to do is to find out if your healthcare is affordable.” Right, like I’m going to believe that! Do you believe that? I responded to her concern for me by just asking yet again to be taken off of her list.

Now just minutes ago I received a call and the caller id was similar to one of the numbers that Rainier’s puppy camp calls me from. And as Rainier is at camp today, I wanted to answer promptly. If anything was going on with him, of course I wanted to know ASAP. If he needed anything, I wanted to get going and get him. So of course I answered, and thinking it was camp, I said: “Hey there!” At that point there was tiny bit of hesitation before the person on the other end asked – and, yep you guessed it! Maybe her slight hesitation was related to the way I’d responded as opposed to a plain hello.

Anyway after the hesitation she began her script.

“Do you have affordable healthcare?” Geesh, when will it end?

So rather than beginning my script to let her know I’d asked to be taken off her list and to stop calling me, I thought it might be better for me and for her if I responded differently than I had in previous calls. So I responded with: “Hey, I’m glad you called! Is your healthcare affordable are you happy with it?”

There was just a bit of hesitation and she quickly let me know that her insurance is affordable and that she is happy with it. Now, that’s good to know isn’t it?

So in an effort to end our exchange promptly I responded with: “okay, goodbye.” And then I hung up. As I was hanging up, I could hear her trying to get back into her script and talking very fast. But you know…I now knew that her healthcare was affordable and most importantly that she is happy with it, so I just didn’t see any reason to take up any more of her time. And now with any luck at all, she will take herself off of my list!


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