Bucket List

In progress

1.  Spend a month in Greece and Italy learning about food and wine
2 Turks & Cacos
3. Asia:
a) Korea
b) Bali (would really like to return)
d) Thailand
e) Malaysia
f) Israel
g) Afghanistan
h) Iraq
i) Israel
j) India
3. Travel to Africa
a) Kenya
– 1) Meet a Masaai and dance with a warrior
– 2) See Mt Kilamanjaro up close
– 3) Go on Safari
– 4) Feed the giraffes
– 5) Have breakfast with the elephants

– 6) Build a school in Marsabit
b) Eqypt
c) Tanzania
d) Morocco
4. See the infamous Folsom Prison where Johnny Cash recored one of the most significant pieces of musical work in history
a) Visit the Folsom Prison Museum to see the Johnny Cash memorabilia
b) Meet and talk to someone who was at the performance
c) See up close and personal the toothpick ferris wheel crafted by Billy Burke
d) Re-create my own version of the famous picture of Johnny Cash picture outside Folsom Prison in the crosswalk
e) Acquire a piece of the granite from the grounds

f) See an actual release from Folsom
f) There’s another one here I’m still trying to define…could be two more

5. The Richard Petty Driving Experience – no ride along – driving by myself on the track over 100mph
6.  Become a published author
7. Have dinner with Nanci Grifith one of the best storytellers I know
8. Deliver a keynote address
9. Be part owner in a Napa/Sonoma vineyard
10. Using my talents be part of the collaborative who works to end poverty, violence against women and brings education to women in 3rd world countries
11. Become a micro financier extrordinaire and social entrepreneur

12. Ensure my family especially my niece and nephews know how incredible they are and how much I treasure and love them now as well as I’m gone – leave them a legacy of love
13.  Strive everyday to be a better daughter, sister, aunt and friend than I was the day before

14. Fall and remain truly, madly, deeply in love just like my grandparents – even after over 60 years they were still giddy over each other
15. Never forget that goodness can be found all around and in every circumstance
16. Laugh everyday
14. Be a blessing, always help where I can

Posted 9 September 2010

Updated 25 September 2010


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Priya Kapoor March 11, 2011 at

I love your bucket list Robyn!