Book Review: Dear Deb by Margaret Terry

Before we dive into this review, I need to confess up front that it will be impossible for me to share all of the goodness of this book and its profound impression on me in our few moments together here. So my plan is to follow up this post and to dig even more into the book to share some of my insights and how it has moved me…so I encourage you to check back soon!

Dear Deb, by Margaret Terry, is the true story of: ‘A woman with cancer, a friend with secrets, and the letters that became their miracle.’ And, I would submit, so much more. The book is a series of 55 of the 102 letters written to a friend. Why 55? To borrow Terry’s phrase: “One letter for each year Deb graced this beautiful world with her presence.” Dear_Deb_.cover

The writer, Margaret Terry, a storyteller from a very young age, has a writing style that will have you fully engaged from beginning to end…even wanting more.

The impetus for the letters is in response to Deb’s request for encouragement.  Deb has been diagnosed with inoperable cancer, and her only request is for encouragement. No food, no chores, rides, etc…just pure and simple encouragement. It seems, though, that Deb was an encouragement; she had an unwavering belief that she would see a miracle. A belief that was contagious and inspiring even to the reader!

Terry’s letters are not a series of motivational phrases that we have all heard. She sets out to go deeper by sharing intimate details from her life. And as you read through these letters, you will discover that she had no intention of ever publishing or even sharing these letters. It was Deb who decided to share the letters as they were written. And, in what can only be viewed as a courageous move by Terry, she was not deterred from continuing to share her intensely personal stories and life lessons. Each letter closes with a bible verse that just punctuates the message and encourages.

You will find that Dear Deb is encouraging to you as well. Many of the letters will feel as if they were written specifically for you. However, this book is more than 55 letters written to a friend, and at the end you will yourself believing in miracles as well!

What are you waiting for? Run, don’t walk, to purchase this book!

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UPDATE: Dear Deb is now officially released…on her website she has a list of places where you can easily get your copy! 


Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Thomas Nelson Publisher in exchange for my review. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinion here is entirely my own.


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