Are you running on empty for time or compassion?

I have a sweet friend who has a moral compass that points in the direction of ‘Let me help; let me do what I can to make things better.’  And unlike my DirecTV dish that needs adjustment from time to time, her coordinates remain consistent. Recently, I was in a bit of a bind and needed help and she jumped in to help me without giving it a second thought. But that’s a story for another day, and one I definitely plan to share.

Just a few days ago, she shared this story via her Facebook page and later we had the opportunity to discuss it. She’d had the opportunity to help some young girls stopped on the side of the road. As we talked through the situation, it opened up several questions in my mind as it had hers. As it unfolded, I found it to be an inspiration for the small acts challenge this week. I was going to sum it up for you but I think it might be more engaging to share it in her words rather than mine. So, with her permission and without any further ado:

girl-pushes-car“So I was coming off an exit on GA400, and saw that two young teenage girls had spun their car into the mud off the side of the road and were trying to push their car up the little slope and back onto the road. Having driven a Honda Civic around Alaska for a few years, I am pretty good at getting cars out of situations they shouldn’t be in. So, I of course pulled over to help. I tell the girl who owns the car to get in and put the car in a low gear, and she has no idea what I’m talking about. So I show her, and after a conversation where she doubted my knowledge, she finally did as I said. I told her to ease onto the gas-don’t try to floor it – just ease it into moving while the other girl and I pushed from behind. After just two minutes, they were back on the road and on their way. The poor girls had been struggling for a while and I couldn’t believe that no one else had stopped to help them yet. It only took a moment of my day to help. They had the biggest smiles on their faces as I pulled away, and you know what? So did I. It was completely worth it. And given the opportunity, I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again!”

And you know what? I absolutely believe that she would stop again and help without any hesitation!

As she shared her story with me, I couldn’t help but wonder, just as she had:  how many people had simply passed by these girls without giving it a second thought to help them? How many people missed the opportunity to add a little goodness to their day? How about you? Would you have passed them by without giving it a thought or even a second thought?Do-the-right-thing-Be-Different

This week, let’s pay closer attention to what’s going on around us. Is there a situation where you might lend a helping hand? It just takes a couple of minutes – so what will you do?

Let’s end with a paraphrased quote from Bob Goff: Is it time we really lack or is it compassion?

You decide.



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