An Unexpected Act to Kick things Off

This morning I was ready to share the first act of kindness for us together. However I was the recipient of one tiny act yesterday and it is my inspiration for today. And, it turned into a sweet way to start my day.

Yesterday, I dropped my dogs at puppy camp – aka doggy daycare (my dogs are long past puppy stage). We were very early, arriving just before the sun came up. Two of the folks who had worked the overnight shift caring for the dogs that board were coming out. The only reason I knew who they were was because of their company shirts. They were a ways across the parking lot – our paths were not going to cross – although we could clearly see each other.

IMG_0076As me made our way to the door, the fella on his way out stopped and called to my dogs by their names. Their tails started to wag and they tugged a little at their leashes as he headed our way, and of course we started his way as well. He kneeled down to get on their level and began petting and talking very sweetly to them.  After a short time, I said, “You must know my guys.” He commented, “Oh yes, of course! I also work day shifts and have seen them then – they are very sweet guys!” And with that, he got up and continued on his way, and so did we.

When I went inside, I asked about him, and the manager explained that he rotates between day and night shifts and that he absolutely knew Keely and Rainier. Here’s a guy that I don’t know personally, who, after what I am sure was a very long night, went out of his way to greet us.  I’m willing to bet that he will not give our brief ‘moment’ a second thought. He simply saw us and wanted to say hi to my guys. However, it was a tiny act of kindness sent our way.

So today, let’s take a minute to simply greet someone slightly off our path – you can still stay the course and it won’t take more than a minute or two.  It’s a great day for a ‘Happy Tuesday’, or just a simple hi.

Again, this was a tiny act of kindness on his part, but a sweet way to start what I knew was going to be a hard day.  So – what’s my point? These tiny acts can have an impact, and most times we won’t even realize the impact we might have. However, that’s not why we look for these opportunities…or is it?


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