Am I the entertainment?

So I mentioned in my last post that Mike and Rainier are my heroes and are always watching out for me. To say I’m grateful does not even come close to expressing how I feel. However, today I wanted to share with you a funny moment that happened about a month ago – and it’s my hope that you will get a little giggle as we eventually did.

I am one of those people who can be deeply moved by music – whether it’s in church, on the radio, in a movie or even in restaurants, and of course my ITunes playlist. Sometimes without even realizing it, I will find myself humming…or even singing out loud! When I’m working on my writing or a strategy project, I often just withdraw from the world, put in my earphones, turn on one of my playlists and just immerse myself in my thoughts. This also helps me avoid distractions so that I can deliver the very best in my work.

So, a few weeks ago, I had ‘assumed the position’ and was working on a project. All of a sudden, both Rainier and Mike appeared, rounding the corner. When I asked Mike what was going on, he said he heard a noise and wanted to check on me. We then realized that I had become so immersed in my project and the music, I was singing along. I guess that doesn’t say much for my singing! Within a few minutes, we found ourselves giggling about it.

Another example happened about a month ago. I was working in our yard – earphones in – and 10,000 Maniacs cranked up, and of course I was singing along. (I’m a huge fan) I looked up only to see Mike and Rainier just standing there, grinning at me. (I guess I was more on key this time.)

One of my bucket list items is to join James Corden in one of his carpool karaoke drives. I’m not that bad a singer and I can be a lot of fun – just ask Mike or any of my friends! For James Corden to have a special episode with a regular person in the car instead of a celebrity may be a real hit – who knows? Will Mr. Corden give me a chance?

My message here is that regardless of how we are feeling, there’s always a reason to have a song in our hearts. It sure can make the days go a little better. So my question to you is – do you have your playlist set? What are you humming (or singing out loud) today?

James Corden: are you looking for someone – perhaps a non-celebrity – to join you for a special episode? I can arrange my schedule and join you – it could be a great success!

And – remember my last post? Did you send your grateful note yet?


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