A shave is not required

I have mentioned several times how much I enjoy my local bagel place here in Alpharetta. There’s a community of regulars and several of them have become friends…so much so that we find ourselves getting together outside of our bagel place.

Recently, I was having coffee with one of these friends when other folks started coming over to her to let her know they needed a haircut. A few of them even asked her when they would be able to get a haircut. Puzzled, as she is not a hairdresser, I asked her what in the heck was up with that?

She began to share with me they are referring to the St. Baldrick’s annual event to raise money for childhood cancer. St. Baldrick’s is known worldwide for its headshaving-centric fundraising events that were created to not only raise funds, but to show solidarity with the children who are suffering and fighting the battle against cancer daily.  She then explained to me that she is part of the team who is putting together the St. Baldrick’s event at the Sandy Springs Sham Rock and Roll event March 15th  at Meehans Public House.

As we began to talk more about the event and its impact on the children who are battling cancer as well as the local community and supporters of the organization,  I could see how moved and how passionate she is about more than just the event but  She went on to share some of the statistics:

  • More children are lost to cancer in the U.S. than any other disease—in fact, more than many other childhood diseases combined.
  • Before they turn 20, about 1 in 300 boys and 1 in 333 girls will have cancer
  • Worldwide, a child is diagnosed every 3 minutes.

During our chat she shared with me some real stories of kids who are living with cancer. Each one of those stories moved me. As I went on with my day, I couldn’t stop thinking about our conversation. St Baldrich's photo Natalie

A couple of days later when I still couldn’t get our conversation off my mind, I reached out to her to ask how could I help spread the word. Was there anything I could do to help shine a light on this event?  What more could I do to help?  Additionally, was there a way I could be a part of sharing some of the stories she’d shared with me, in order to benefit St. Baldrick’s and the kids fighting cancer, but also to truly reveal my heart as to the impact and goodness that I already feel from getting involved?

And so here I am…I am going to join her and the folks spreading the word, not just about this event and how you can be involved. I am also going to be able to meet some of the kids and their parents and learn more about their stories – and I am so excited to be part of this.

I thought it might be great – and hopefully impactful – to share this journey with you. Over the next few weeks and months, I am going to be able to learn real stories and even share some of them here. I invite you to join me as I meet these children and their families and learn their stories. I will of course include my experience with the St. Baldrick’s event at Meehans on March 15 (insert link) Why don’t think about joining us?

Remember small acts can have a big impact. So a shave is not required…



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Suzie Ruddle February 26, 2014 at

Robyn – thank you for sharing this! St. Baldrick’s is such an incredible organization where “it is all about the children”, with men, women and children shaving their heads in solidarity with children undergoing treatment, while raising vital funds for pediatric research. A St. Baldrick’s event is truly one of the most uplifting experiences, providing great hope and comfort to so many in an incredibly fun environment !! Many wonderful events on around the city in March, with our 7th annual event at Meehans in Sandy Springs from 12-4pm!


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