A few kinds words to you…random act of kindness to the recipient

A great way to start my Valentines Day…and I have to share it.

As many of you know, most mornings I hit my favorite coffee shop for my morning caffeine. Many days I will ‘set up shop’ so the speak and work from there. I’ve found it’s a wonderful place for me to ‘get stuff done’.

Due to my status as a regular customer, I have what many folks refer to as my table –  it’s the very last table in the back of the shop. I’ve formed friendships with other regulars there, and even the staff. As a matter of fact, I’ve even been made an honorary member of the ‘men’s club’ that meets in the shop every morning.

kind-words-mother-teresaIn terms of the staff – there’s one fella there for which English is clearly not his first language, and to say he’s shy is quite an understatement. He walks by me many times during the day, for a variety of reasons. Over time, he’s come to make eye contact with me, and eventually we moved to acknowledgement and finally a nod and grin as I greet him every morning. And candidly, I didn’t expect things go any further – truly, the first time he gave me a nod and grin, I recognized it was a big deal and it made me grin a little bigger.

We have been in this place in our friendship for several months. And on the  mornings our paths cross, I don’t take that moment for granted.

So why in the heck am I sharing this in such detail?

Indulge me please…

Yesterday as I began my trek to the office, I ran in to get coffee and bagel to go. I placed my order, then walked back to fill and prepare my coffee just the way I like it while they toasted my bagel. I grabbed my bagel and headed to the door to begin my trek. As I headed to the door, I noticed my friend at the front counter and looked over to greet him. And at that moment he leaned in and said, and I quote: ‘Where are you going? Did your schedule change?’ I smiled and responded:‘I’m going into the office a little more these days, but I will be here to work on Friday’. He responded with ‘well okay, see you tomorrow’ (tomorrow being Thursday, he’s still expecting me to get my coffee there)  And that tiny exchange made my day…maybe even my week. His unintentional act of a random act of kindness still has me thinking about it…even wanting to share it!

Oh, whether or not I had planned to swing by tomorrow or not, you can now bank on me swinging by!

So…here’s my question to you: do you cross paths with someone every day that you might bring a smile with just a kind a word or two?”

 Update: I did swing by the following morning, and when he handed me my bagel, I thanked him for his kinds words yesterday. He smiled gave me a thumb’s up and said: ‘tomorrow right?’





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